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Today our team got LOUD for Loud Shirt Day Australia in support of Hear and Say – Opening worlds – helping change the lives of children with hearing loss.

Hear and Say fundraise which helps towards helping Australian children to hear, speak and live to their fullest potential. You can see the amazing work Hear and Say do along with where the funds raised go to, here.

Our ongoing support to local charities and not-for-profits is something that our team are very proud of and we are excited to be involved with Hear and Say and Loud Shirt Day.

Tom Wood Kirstie Vigar Rachelle Pyke Jeremy Vigar Kathy Bliss Ash Platz Jennifer Porter Beth Fitzpatrick Glenn Ferguson Chloe Kopilovic Stuart Nixon Jozefina Ndoci

(Pictured: Tom Wood, Kirstie Vigar, Rachelle Pyke, Jeremy Vigar, Kathy Bliss, Ash Platz, Jennifer Porter, Beth Fitzpatrick, Glenn Ferguson, Chloe Kopilovic, Stuart Nixon & Jozefina Ndoci)

Angelo Venardos Despina Venardos Jen Mougan Francois Malan Loud Shirt Day FC Lawyers

(Pictured: Angelo Venardos, Despina Venardos, Jen Mougan & Francois Malan)

Donut Kitchen Loud Shirt Day 2018 FC Lawyers Sunshine Coast Business Solicitors

Loud Shirt Day Donut Kitchen Sunshine Coast Queensland Brisbane Lawyers

Many thanks go to Donut Kitchen for the awesome supply of loud donuts (as pictured above) for our team to enjoy whilst raising funds.

We look forward to being involved again in 2019 with brighter and LOUDER shirts! If you’re around the offices on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane in the next few months, we will have collection tins for the Loud Shirt Day fundraiser in 2019. Thank you to everyone who has donated to such a worthy cause!