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not-for-profit charity structures business lawyers queensland solicitors brisbane sunshine coast

Which structure is the one to use for my not-for-profit charity?

Do I have to register with the Australian charities and not-for-profits commission (ACNC)? When advising clients on which is the appropriate structure for their not-for-profit charity, we start with asking…

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shareholder unitholder agreement business lawyers queensland commercial solicitors sunshine coast brisbane gold coast

Shareholder or unitholder agreement?

We are often asked "do I need a shareholder’s agreement or a unit holders’ agreement?" by our clients. Both documents govern the relationship between the parties but relate to two…

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acting in good faith franchising code franchise lawyer queensland brisbane solicitors sunshine coast

Acting in Good Faith – The Franchising Code

The Franchising Code of Conduct requires parties to a Franchise Agreement to act in good faith. Interestingly the concept of good faith is not defined in the Franchising Code itself.…

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great idea new product innovate service lawyers startup solicitor queensland brisbane sunshine coast

Got a great idea for a product or service?

How do you turn it into a successful small business and how does a lawyer help? In my 30 years of legal practice, I would like a dollar for every…

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defamation laws digital defamatory post litigation lawyers queensland online defamed solicitors brisbane sunshine coast

Changing Defamation Laws in a Digital Era

On 20 April 2021 the Queensland Government announced that it had introduced the Defamation (Model Provisions) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2021 to Parliament, and if passed, changes to the…

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lease review business lawyer queensland corporate solicitor brisbane law firm

Why you should have your lease reviewed by a Lawyer

Leases vary in their complexity, size, and terms. Leases like all legal documents, tend to be wordy and are a combination of years of legal doctrine and formality. A lease…

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sign a contract property contract lawyers queensland real estate solicitors brisbane sunshine coast

What should I do once I sign a contract as a buyer?

Conveyancing in Queensland is complex and is affected by many different pieces of State and Federal legislation, contract conditions, extensive case law and practice guidelines. It is important that you…

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family property arrangements convencing lawyers contract solicitors queensland brisbane nsw

Document your family property arrangements or else!

Australia was shocked recently by the case of deceased fraudster Melissa Caddick.  Between 2012 and 2020, Caddick convinced more than 60 people to entrust a combined $30 million of their…

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trade marks deceptively similar intellectual property law australia business law firm

What makes a trade mark deceptively similar when the words are similar?

The Full Court of the Federal Court recently handed down a decision which gave significant guidance in relation to what needs to be considered when a claim is made objecting…

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Did you miss changes to unpaid parental leave?

Earlier this year (2021), New Zealand became one of the first countries to legalise paid leave for workers who have experienced a miscarriage, by offering three days bereavement leave to…

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fraud indentity theft hacking ID online phishing spam lawyers queensland new south wales

Online Fraud, Identity Theft and Hacking

The rise of technology has meant an explosion in attempted frauds in all areas of business and property.  This is particularly true of real estate, as it is an area…

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world intellectual property day WIPO ideas trade mark business lawyers queensland sydney brisbane

World Intellectual Property Day – How to take your ideas to market and protect your Intellectual Property

Each year on 26 April World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated. This is the day on which the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Convention came into force in 1970. This…

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