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25 May 2020

Buying a property during COVID-19

As everyone knows, the COVID-19 Pandemic is having an unprecedented impact worldwide. Even though the restrictions are currently easing in Queensland, unfortunately the pandemic may still have a significant effect on your conveyance and for that reason we are here to help you out more than ever! How can we help you during the COVID-19 […]

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19 May 2020

Trade marks – Passing off and Misleading and Deceptive Conduct in the Burger Wars

A recent decision in the Federal Court of Australia matched the American burger giant In-N-Out Burgers against a Sydney burger restaurant called Down N’ Out. It certainly was a David and Goliath battle and gave an insight on how a court will look at trade mark infringements. In-N-Out Burgers, Inc v Hashtag Burgers Pty Ltd [2020] […]

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12 May 2020

Retirement Village Residence Contract – What documents are required?

Retirement village contracts can be lengthy and difficult to understand and are substantially different from other contracts you may have encountered during your lifetime. Retirement village contracts usually include several documents which can be overwhelming. In this article/blog we discuss the different types of documents that must be given to a prospective resident prior to entering […]

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11 May 2020

Are your employees safe at home during the COVID-19 pandemic?

For the past few months the world has been shaken by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, and businesses/employers were forced to ask employees to work from home by government laws/regulations (both State and Federal). For some employers this is new territory, and the implications can be burdensome if not previously identified and addressed appropriately. Although inconvenient, […]

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8 May 2020

Price reduction? Make sure you get transfer duty reduced as well!

The contract price is one of the most fundamental parts of a contract, whether for a house, unit, land, commercial or industrial property, or a business. Sometimes parties to a contract want to agree to reduce the price after the contract is signed. Maybe unexpected major problems have been revealed by due diligence or building […]

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5 May 2020

Internet giant Google to pay $40,000 in damages

In the past few years, the success rate of high-profile celebrities and public figures for defamation has popularised the cause of action within the broader community. Australia has effectively become the defamation capital of the world, with over 520 references recorded in 2019, not including those matters that do not reach the Courts. On 30 […]

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27 April 2020

Retirement Villages – Right to Reside

As an increasing number of Australians move into retirement villages, or the popular “Over 55 Lifestyle Estates,” it is important to view the issues that can arise and the different types of arrangements that Retirement Village Operators may use. While this may seem like a simple, straight-forward process, the purchase of a unit in a […]

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20 April 2020

Asset protection through a gift and loan back strategy

How to protect your equity in your house or assets against claims from unsecured creditors In today’s world it is risky being in business. Your assets, including your house, can be on the line. One of the most effective strategies you can put in place to protect your assets is commonly referred to as a […]

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17 April 2020

Terms and Conditions of trade for your business

The Terms and Conditions (Ts & Cs) of Trade go to the heart of any relationship with a business and its customers and/or clients. It is important that any business has clear and unequivocal Ts & Cs to ensure commercial expediency when forming a contract with their customers. It is the cornerstone of being able […]

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14 April 2020

Employee entitlements when buying or selling a business in Queensland

One of the most important assets of any business is its employees and it is imperative that when you are buying or selling a business, you appreciate how they are going to be dealt with during the process. It is very important that you get expert legal advice in relation to your obligations with employee […]

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