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supervision allowances manager management salary employement law queensland lawyers

Allowances – Supervisors & Leading Hands

If your business employs staff under a Modern Award (Award) which provides for supervisor or leading hand allowances, you may have asked one of the following questions: Who is entitled…

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Checking The Facts Before You Write A Review

After a six year battle of defending her opinion, Carrie Curtis, formerly known as Carrie Barlow, has been ordered by the District Court of Queensland (Asbog Veterinary Services Pty Ltd…

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Commercial Leases and COVID-19

If you are a tenant facing difficulties due to the pandemic, or a landlord being approached by a tenant, the first step should still be communication, as I mentioned in…

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Should I register my trade mark overseas?

"Let’s get ready to rumble!" is a phrase recognised around the world. 🥊🎙️ Famed wrestling and boxing announcer Michael Buffer must have known his catchphrase would take off when he…

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selling property covid-19 coronavirus queensland conveyancing lawyers sunshine coast solicitors brisbane

Selling a property during COVID-19

As you all know, the COVID-19 pandemic is having an unprecedented impact worldwide. Even though the restrictions are currently easing in Queensland, unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic may still have a…

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buying house during coronavirus covid-19 residential property lawyers conveyancing solicitors queensland

Buying a property during COVID-19

As everyone knows, the COVID-19 Pandemic is having an unprecedented impact worldwide. Even though the restrictions are currently easing in Queensland, unfortunately the pandemic may still have a significant effect…

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in-n-out burger trade mark solicitors passing off intellectual property lawyers australia IP

Trade marks – Passing off and Misleading and Deceptive Conduct in the Burger Wars

A recent decision in the Federal Court of Australia matched the American burger giant In-N-Out Burgers against a Sydney burger restaurant called Down N’ Out. It certainly was a David and…

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Residence Contract retirement village documents aged care lawyers queensland solicitors sunshine coast brisbane

Retirement Village Residence Contract – What documents are required?

Retirement village contracts can be lengthy and difficult to understand and are substantially different from other contracts you may have encountered during your lifetime. Retirement village contracts usually include several…

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employment law pandemic working from home covid-19 coronavirus work health safety solicitors lawyers queensland

Are your employees safe at home during the COVID-19 pandemic?

For the past few months the world has been shaken by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, and businesses/employers were forced to ask employees to work from home by government laws/regulations (both…

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contract price transfer duty stamp duty residential property lawyers solicitors unit land commercial queensland

Price reduction? Make sure you get transfer duty reduced as well!

Sometimes parties to a contract want to agree to reduce the price after the contract is signed. Maybe unexpected major problems have been revealed by due diligence or building and…

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google defamation lawyers queensland online slander heresay rumours solicitors social media

Internet giant Google to pay $40,000 in damages

In the past few years, the success rate of high-profile celebrities and public figures for defamation has popularised the cause of action within the broader community. Australia has effectively become…

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retirement villages lawyer right to reside solicitor queensland aged care

Retirement Villages – Right to Reside

As an increasing number of Australians move into retirement villages, or the popular “Over 55 Lifestyle Estates,” it is important to view the issues that can arise and the different…

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