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retail shop lease commercial leasing brisbane queensland lawyers sunshine coast solicitors leases

A deep dive into Retail and Commercial Leasing in Queensland

Securing a retail or commercial lease in Queensland is similar to navigating uncharted waters in the business world. Choosing the right retail or commercial space is a pivotal decision that…

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overdue deposit purchasing property queensland conveyancing lawyers brisbane sunshine coast solicitors house unit land

Should I pay my overdue deposit if no extension has been granted by the seller?

What is a deposit? A deposit is a sum of money which is payable by the buyer when purchasing a property, usually to the seller’s solicitor’s trust account or the…

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unfair contract terms business lawyers brisbane contract solicitor sunshine coast queensland law firm commercial contracts

Changes to the Unfair Contract Terms by ACCC

Is your business prepared for the sweeping alterations to Unfair Contract Terms (UCT) mandated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)? These modifications entail substantial enhancements to the existing…

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Public Benevolent Institution Charity Lawyers Queensland Brisbane ACNC Solicitors Sunshine Coast not-for-profit law firm

Public Benevolent Institution Update

The Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC) published new guidance for charities who identify as Public Benevolent Institutions (PBI) on 31 August 2023. Prior to this recent statement, interpretation for…

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post-settlement restraint of trade business law contract solicitors brisbane sunshine coast gold coast queensland law firm

Post-Settlement Restraint of Trade

The enforceability and reasonableness of restraint of trade clauses have been well established and tested. But what happens to such clauses or rights where parties have entered into a deed…

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safe harbour provisions insolvency insolvent trading commercial lawyers brisbane business solicitors queensland sunshine coast

Safe harbour and protecting your business

I have had a number of clients ask me about the recently Safe Harbour provisions and how they apply to business. The Safe Harbour provisions were introduced into the Corporations…

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commercial lease lawyer queensland business solicitor sunshine coast brisbane law firm

Commercial leases – don’t just set and forget

Leasing? How boring! This is a common reaction when the subject is raised. Not true! A business’s goodwill, value and ability to borrow is heavily influenced by the security of…

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proposed law queensland trusts property law bill 2023 trust deed lawyers brisbane sunshine coast queensland solicitors

Proposed Law Could Affect Queensland Trusts

Exciting news for Queensland Trusts may be coming by the end of the year. The Queensland Parliament is currently looking at the proposed Property Law Bill 2023 (Qld) which proposes…

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thumbs up rule defamation employment lawyer brisbane sunshine coast contract solicitor queensland law firm innisfail legal

‘Thumbs Up’ Deal

In the digital age, the use of emojis has become entrenched in every-day communications as a means to say more with less. This form of communication has recently been recognised…

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verification of identity check conveyancing queensland brisbane property lawyer sunshine coast solicitor

Why do we do Verification Of Identity (VOI) checks?

What is a Verification Of Identity (VOI)? A verification of identity, or VOI as we will call it for the purpose of this blog, is a procedure taken to ensure…

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partnership disputes business lawyers queensland commercial law firm brisbane sunshine coast solicitors agreements legal

Resolving Partnership Disputes

Partnerships are unique in that whilst they can be relatively inexpensive to set up, a partner is exposed to being sued individually and is jointly and severally liable with the…

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enterprise bargaining agreement business lawyers brisbane commercial solicitor sunshine coast queensland law firm

Changes to Enterprise Bargaining in Australia

From 6 June 2023 onwards, significant changes have been made to enterprise agreements and bargaining methods by the Fair Work Commission (FWC). Before identifying the changes, it is imperative to…

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