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(📸 Pictured here: Bernince, Rey, Tom, Jennifer, Beth, Duncan, Debbie, Kaitlyn, Tessa and Kathy)

On Friday 1st November 2019, we had Kaitlyn join our Sunshine Coast office to complete her work experience program through her local school. Our team would like to thank Kaitlyn for her efforts throughout the day and as a bonus, we received a cake and strawberries! Thanks again for your efforts and time Kaitlyn.

What is your name?


What year are you at school?

Year 9

What prompted you to choose work experience within the legal industry?

Family and school.

What did you do during your work experience at FC Lawyers?

Debbie taught me everything with the administration and client relations section, Rey showed me about Migration Law and Visas, Tessa took me along to a property settlement and showed me how conveyancing works in Queensland, Tom ran me through a business lease and commercial property, Jennifer commercial conveyancing, Duncan with wills and estates and Grant with criminal law and litigation.

What did you find most exciting about your time at FC Lawyers?

Learning about the various areas of law.

What did you find least exciting about your time at FC Lawyers?

Nothing comes to mind.

What were the best things about your work experience time at FC Lawyers?

The environment and the supportive people.

What were the most surprising things during your work experience?

The amount of behind the scenes work that the team does for clients.

What have you found to be your strengths and what areas do you believe you need to develp further based on your work experience?

I think I have found an area I would like to look into.

Based on your experience today, what will you do from now on?

Study harder.