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As part of our community involvement, members of our team in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast have volunteered to donate blood to the Red Cross on a regular basis.

Many of our team members have been long time donators before our Red25 team at FC Lawyers was created – now together, we are joining to save 3 lives at a time.

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jeremy vigar fc lawyers sunshine coast solicitors blood donations

Pictured above donating are Tom Wood, Despina Venardos, Kathy Bliss, Ash Platz, Francois Malan and Jeremy Vigar.

Anyone can join our Red25 team and we encourage everyone who is able to donate blood to get involved as it takes under 10 minutes to donate whole blood (which saves 3 lives) or around an hour for plasma (which saves 3 lives). The process is simple and easy as the Red Cross team are always a happy and great bunch of people helping you donate and feel comfortable.

If you wish to join our team and save lives, next time you go into your Red Cross Blood Donation Centre, let them know you want to join the “FC Lawyers Red25 Group” and your donations will be added to our tally going forward. We look forward to making a difference with you and saving lives throughout Australia. 🅰️🆎🅱️🅾️