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The Daffodil Day Appeal is Cancer Council’s most iconic and much-loved fundraising campaign. It is a day for Australians to give hope to those affected by all cancers by donating to support a cancer free future.

Each year our team at FC Lawyers look to help raising awareness and funds for life-saving research.

We love the work that the Cancer Council does, and everyone is happy to be involved in and fundraise for Daffodil Day 2018.

Daffodil Day Ash Platz Beth Fitzpatrick Rachelle Pyke Chloe Kopilovic Ashley Mitchell Kathy Bluss Tom Wood

(Pictured: Ash Platz, Beth Fitzpatrick, Rachelle Pyke, Chloe Kopilovic, Nick Casey, Ashley Mitchell, Kathy Bliss & Tom Wood)

Stuart Nixon Jozefina Ndoci Angelo Venardos Glenn Ferguson Despina Venardos Daffodil Day 2018

(Pictured: Stuart Nixon, Jozefina Ndoci, Angelo Venardos, David Quodling, Glenn Ferguson, Despina Venardos & Rebecca Bellamy)

Daffodil Day 2018 Brisbane Lawyers Queensland Solicitors Criminal Law Family Legal Firm QLD

Pictured above are our two offices participating in Daffodil Day 2018 which saw our team members create some wonderful food and treats, whilst raising funds for a worthy cause.

We’re looking forward to being involved again in 2019 and would recommend getting your workplace or organisation involved in Daffodil Day. Visit the Cancer Council’s website here.