Startup Law

Starting a business can often be a very confusing process for many people throughout Australia. Failure to understand, follow, and comply with these legal obligations can lead to serious personal and business consequences. That’s where FC Lawyers can help you through all the business obligations, rules, regulations, policies and compliance issues within Startup Law.

Having the correct business structure and framework in place to support the current business needs and in the future, is vital. The FC Lawyers team has over 25 years’ experience in startup law to assist you through the startup process.

What types of Startup Law are there?

Our experienced legal team will assist startups with the following aspects:

  • Company structures and set up;
  • Website terms and conditions;
  • Privacy policies;
  • Business structuring;
  • Leasing agreements;
  • Licensing agreements;
  • Shareholders Agreements;
  • Heads of Agreement;
  • Unitholders Agreements;
  • Loan Agreements;
  • Confidentiality Agreements;
  • Software Licence Agreements;
  • Service agreements;
  • Intellectual Property registration;
  • Intellectual Property Transfer Agreements;
  • Trusts and asset protection;
  • Registration of trademarks;
  • Employment law;
  • Franchising agreements and advice;
  • Internet and e-commerce;
  • Insurance;
  • Undertaking of Company Searches, Business names searches and registration of business names;
  • Incorporation of companies;
  • Terms of Trade agreements;
  • Supply agreements;
  • Privacy law;
  • Business Succession Planning;
  • Workplace relations;
  • Risk Management;
  • Government regulatory compliance including the Corporations Act;
  • Directors’ duties and compliance; and
  • Tax and superannuation advice.

Our experienced team is uniquely placed to guide you through the various stages from setting up your enterprise right through to the selling of your enterprise. Our team uses our extensive experience to provide comprehensive advice to our clients. Ensure you speak with our team to see how we will help your startup regardless of what stage you are at, as we understand that startups are sometimes working with limited budgets. We will work alongside you to ensure your startups success and growth.

Our team will also provide fixed fees and legal services package options tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Contact our team today to discuss your startup law needs and how our team can help you.