Employment Disputes

FC Lawyers represents employers in a wide range of legal issues with an aim to achieve efficiency and harmony within the workplace and avoid workplace disputes.

Employment disputes and workplace disputes can seriously impact the productivity of your business. Employment law covers and aims to protect employees from unlawful treatment during employment.

In the event a dispute occurs, our aim is to reach an early resolution where possible so as to minimise the cost and disruption to the business.

Our experienced team of lawyers can ensure that your business is protected and you’re complying with your business obligations. By being proactive, we can assess your current business obligations and safe guard your business for the future.

We have in-depth expertise in representing clients for employment disputes in the courts and tribunals in the following areas:

  • Unfair dismissal or termination of employment
  • Redundancy
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Bullying
  • Unpaid wages
  • Industrial accidents

Employment disputes can be expensive and an unwanted distraction to any business, as it can cause financial and emotional stress. It is essential that the right legal advice is obtained at the earliest opportunity. Our team can assist in the drafting and reviewing of employment contracts, contractor agreements and other employment law services to ensure compliance.

Our team of dedicated lawyers can provide you with peace of mind by providing timely and desired results. We have experience in all types of employment matters and can provide you with simple and effective advice.

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