Employment Law

Employment law is an area which has experienced enormous flux over the past several years.

At FC Lawyers, we bring our commercial and dispute resolution experience, along with in-depth knowledge of employment law to deliver innovative and commercially viable solutions for our clients.

We know that management of employee and industrial relations is integral to the financial success of every business which is why we offer the following services:


  • Preparing employment/ contractor agreements;
  • Preparing company policy and procedures handbooks;
  • Providing advice on existing workplace agreements.

Workplace Disputes:

  • Performance managing employees;
  • Conducting workplace investigations;
  • Terminating employees;
  • Bullying and harassment;
  • Implementation of company policies.

Advice on:

  • Restraint of trade,
  • Confidential information,
  • Intellectual property rights,
  • Redundancy,
  • Health and safety at work;
  • Express and implied common law duties.

Representation in Court and Tribunals:

  • unfair dismissal,
  • general protection applications,
  • breach of contract claims,
  • proceedings under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (QLD),
  • employee or independent contractor disputes

With further changes to be implemented in the coming 12 months by way of the Fair Work Amendment Act 2013 (Cth), understanding how the existing laws and future amendments apply to your business, has never been so essential.

Some of the key changes include:

  1. Consent arbitration: The Fair Work Commission will have power to arbitrate general protections disputes involving dismissal and unlawful termination if both parties consent,
  2. Registered organisations: There are amendments to provisions relating to the disclosure requirements of registered organisations and branches,
  3. Anti-bullying: The anti-bulling provisions which will allow workers to make an application to the Fair Work Commission for an order requiring the bullying to stop, and
  4. Conferences: The Fair Work Commission will have greater ability to conciliate, make recommendations and express opinions in conferences.

To ensure that your business is ready to deal with these changes, you should consult one of our legal experts.

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