Residential Conveyancing

Our team has acted in thousands of transactions involving the sale and purchase of land, units, houses, farms and large-scale developments. Many of our clients are long standing having acted for them for up to three generations.

The purchase or sale of property is often one of the biggest financial decisions many people face. Choosing the right lawyer with the appropriate residential conveyancing expertise is essential to get results and give you peace of mind.

We will ensure your transaction is handled in a timely and efficient manner. Nothing will be left to chance and we will liaise with your agent, financial institution, builder, councils and relevant government authorities throughout the process.

The legal issues associated with buying or selling a property can often be complicated and confusing. It is a significant decision for many people and you need to get it right. For those reasons it is important to have a professional and dedicated legal team on your side.

Our Residential Conveyancing team

We have acted for both buyers and sellers in thousands of transactions.

Every client of FC Lawyers conveyancing team is supported by experienced conveyancing paralegals who are highly skilled in all aspects of conveyancing. In addition, we have many experienced practising lawyers who are experts in this complex area of the law.

Over many years we have developed a cutting-edge conveyancing system to ensure a timely and seamless flow of relevant communication to our clients and to all the interested parties.

Our promise is to work with you. Successful conveyancing is often about understanding a client’s needs and aspirations, not just legal expertise. Our team is committed to creating genuine and caring personalised relationships with our clients with a view to developing long-term professional relationships with them.

We will keep you informed throughout each stage of the process and we guarantee our service levels. All critical dates such as deposit, finance, inspections and settlement, are identified and actioned. All searches will be conducted as required and reported to you.

We understand that our clients need to know upfront how much their transaction will cost. Our fee will be quoted at the commencement of your matter and we guarantee to complete your transaction for that fee. Out of pocket expenses such as search fees will only be charged as the actual costs that we incur on your behalf. There are no hidden costs.

Often our clients indicate that they have received cheaper quotes from other conveyancing law firms. It is very important to ensure that you properly assess a quote and compare apples with apples. Several questions should be asked after you receive a quote, including:

  • Is the fee quoted a fixed fee? Are they any extra costs if dates such as finance or settlement are extended;
  • Are there any extra costs to attend settlement;
  • Are there any costs to deal with my bank;
  • Is the search fee quoted the actual out of pocket costs for the searches, or is there a professional/service fee included in that;
  • How many qualified lawyers do you have supporting your team of conveyancing paralegals;
  • What happens if a problem or dispute arises during conveyance? Will you have to go to another law firm, or can the solicitors at that firm handle your matter. Remember that often disputes arise at the very last moment before settlement and it is often too late to find another law firm to protect your interests. Our experienced lawyers can react quickly and ensure that your interests are protected always.

Our property and conveyancing team will provide a fixed-fee quote to ensure peace of mind.

We will ensure the biggest transaction of your life is handled professionally.

Our team are PEXA Certified which means that we can complete your property transaction digitally. Talk to our team today to discuss if e-conveyancing can be applied for your purchase of sale.

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