Compulsory Government Acquisitions

If you have been contacted by the Government in relation to the acquisition of your land, you need to get legal advice and representation. Our team is experienced in dealing with land acquisitions by Government authorities.

With our growing population and the increasing need for infrastructure, Governments are often left with no choice but to acquire land.

Compulsory Government Acquisitions – what to do?

Our expertise will ensure that your interests are recognised and protected and that you achieve the maximum amount of compensation.

There are different methods in which land can be acquired by the Government. If a Government Authority identifies a need for land, it can be acquired by agreement between the land owner and the relevant authority.

FC Lawyers have the expertise to negotiate the best deal for landholders in this situation. However if an agreement cannot be reached the land may be compulsorily acquired.

If a Compulsory Acquisition occurs, a Notice of Intention to Resume is forwarded to the landholder (and mortgagee, etc.). This specifies a date (not less than 30 days later) by which the landholder may lodge an objection, in writing, to the resumption of the land.

From the date of the land acquisition, the interest in the land is converted into a right to claim compensation. Compensation is assessed according to the value of the interest at the date of the acquisition.

Any person with an estate or interest in the land acquired may lodge a claim for compensation for the acquisition of the land. We will assist you in lodging this claim.

The relevant Government Authority will obtain a valuation to assess compensation based on the value of the land and improvements. The Authority will then seek to negotiate with you. Again we will assist in this process to maximise your compensation.

After receiving a Notice of Intention to Resume, the owner of the land may object to the acquisition by setting out their grounds in writing. The land owner will have 30 days in which to object and we will assist you in preparing that objection.

For owner-occupied property, it is usual to allow reasonable removal expenses and reasonable costs associated with the purchase of a similar replacement property, for example, legal fees and stamp duty, in the claim. However, these costs must be in proportion to the property acquired by the Authority. Legal fees will also usually be paid.

Before the acquisition process begins, the Constructing Authority or any persons authorised by it can enter your land for the purposes of inspection, valuation, survey, carrying out soil tests and other such activities. Reasonable notice will usually be given.

We will guide you through this process and maximise your compensation.

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