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On the 27th September 2019, we had Maddy join us to complete her work experience program in the Sunshine Coast office. Our team would like to thank Maddy for her time and efforts during the day and wish her all the best with the rest of the schooling year.

What is your name?


What year are you at school?

Year 9

What prompted you to choose work experience within the legal industry?

I find it fun and some people recommended that I would like it.

What did you do during your work experience at FC Lawyers?

I went through all the different types of law with each person and did some jobs including finding out information for specific cases. I worked alongside Rachelle doing business and corporate, Beth with Migration and Visas, Tessa and Jennifer doing Conveyancing and Chloe with Wills and Estates Law.

What did you find most exciting about your time at FC Lawyers?

The most exciting thing would be that I got to see how the lawyers act and work and the things they do on a daily basis.

What did you find least exciting about your time at FC Lawyers?

The least exciting thing was that I was only here for a day so I couldn’t experience everything that the Sunshine Coast team could show me.

What were the best things about your work experience time at FC Lawyers?

The best thing would be that I got to experience all types of law and not just one type with one person. A wide variety of law types with different people.

What were the most surprising things during your work experience?

One of the most surprising things would be how close in contact the Sunshine Coast lawyers are with the Brisbane legal team and how many different types of law there are.

Based on your experience today, what will you do from now on?

Based on this experience at FC Lawyers, from now on I will continue to explore what being a lawyer is like and continue to learn.

If there’s anything else you’d like for us to know, please provide it here:

I enjoyed my day here very much – thank you to all the team.