Terms of Trade

The team at FC Lawyers act for businesses both nationally and internationally and have the expertise and commercial knowledge to identify issues that need to be addressed and draft agreements in plain English. Our team have worked with start ups right through to multi-national franchises and organisations.

Any successful business should have documented terms of trade with all external parties and stakeholders that the business deals with to ensure payment and detail the relationship of supply.

What are Terms of Trade?

Terms of Trade agreements include:

  • supply agreements;
  • licensing agreements;
  • purchase agreements;
  • distribution agreements; and
  • agreements with customers.

Terms of Trade need to be tailored for each individual business as there are many cases where standard terms are not applicable.

We offer fixed fee quotes in relation to the above services and will advise you on which option is best for you going forward into the future.

Contact our team today to discuss your business or commercial agreements needs. We will ensure your business is protected in the present and the future.