Employer Sponsored Work Visa

Our Migration Law team has extensive experience in the lodgement of all types of business visas. We will assess your eligibility against Australian immigration law and policy and provide advice on your best business visa option.

Our team of experts has many years of experience in all types of applications and particularly employer sponsored visas – we are here to provide you with professional advice and assistance with your employer sponsored visa application.

What is an employer sponsored work visa?

Employer sponsored work visas are designed for overseas employees that will work in Australia where there are areas of skill shortages. To qualify for these visas, the visa applicant must have relevant experience and/or qualifications that are in demand.

We often work with companies and organisations to assist with their skill shortages and employ an overseas employee. There are many visas that an employee may qualify for – whether it be on a temporary or permanent visa.

We will assess both you and your employer against Australian immigration law and policy and will guide you and your employer through the documents required to make sure we’re getting quality documents within your elected time frame. Our experts make sure your application puts you in the strongest possible position to be successful and migrate to Australia.

How can we help with your visa application?

Our team of accredited specialists in Immigration Law and registered migration agents can work with your employer to ensure your visa application has the best chance of success when it comes time to lodge.

We help you through the visa application process and prepare all relevant documents to apply for the wide range of employer sponsored work visa types.

What are your next steps?

Contact our team of accredited specialist in Immigration Law and Registered Migration Agents to discuss your work visa situation. Whether you’re an employer or employee, our tram can assist you with your migration matter.

Our team can then provide you with any migration options going forward, as the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) do change their visa subclasses available on a regular basis.