Debt Recovery

The profitability and sustainability of any business often depends on its ability to recover debts to ensure a healthy cash flow. Often businesses can be crippled when large sums of money are outstanding outside normal trading terms.

While some businesses have streamlined processes for recovering outstanding monies many do not. Our team works with our clients to put in processes to take control of their cash flow.

We have a systemised approach to debt recovery. Strict timelines are adhered to. Our services are clearly explained to ensure our clients understand the procedure we will take to recover a debt for them.

FC Lawyers Debt Recovery options

Our team has many years of experience and obtained excellent results on behalf of clients for the recovery of outstanding debts. Our clients range from small businesses to large corporations.

Sometimes the only way to collect on a debt is through legal action. We can assist you with all aspects of debt collection and enforcement including:

  • bankruptcy;
  • winding up of companies;
  • seizure of goods;
  • sale of debtor’s real estate;
  • registration of caveats and warrants on debtor’s real estate.

Where money is owed, there are several options for recovery:

  • If the debt is $25,000 or less, you may commence proceedings by way of an Application for Minor Civil Debt in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT). Legal representation is not usually allowed in QCAT proceedings but we can assist you in preparing, filing, serving and advising you throughout the proceedings. Legal costs are not usually recoverable, however the successful party will be able to recover the filing fee and interest;
  • If debt is in excess of $25,000, proceedings may be commenced in the Magistrates Court (if the debt is $150,000 or less), the District Court (if the debt is $750,000 or less), or the Supreme Court (if the debt exceeds $750,000). Costs in Court proceedings will vary depending on the matter, whether the other party defends the claim or whether proceedings settle prior to trial.

The Business Services team is able to offer our debt recovery service on a fixed fee basis, being conscious of containing costs and achieving maximum recovery.

Contact our team today to discuss your debt recovery legal matters.