Body Corporate

The property and conveyancing team at FC Lawyers has expertise in all aspects of body corporate living, including the purchase and sale of property within the body corporate community title scheme, advising body corporate and the committees of bodies corporate on all aspects of corporate governments and disputes.

What is body corporate and community title living?

Community Title living is an increasingly popular lifestyle option for many people. Owners of a lot in a Community Title Scheme automatically become members of the body corporate which must elect a committee to make decisions about financial issues but not the scheme and management of a common property.

Most significant decisions must be made by owners at a general meeting. Owners are required to make shared financial and lifestyle decisions. Their relationship with others and third parties are governed by legislation designed to provide clear guidelines on their rights and obligations.

How we can help you

When buying or selling a unit it is important to have a lawyer who has the expertise to guide you through the maze of legislative and procedural requirements. The property and conveyancing team at FC Lawyers through our knowledge, experience and state of the art systems will give you the peace of mind to trust us with this very important transaction. All disputes between people, who live, work or invest in community title schemes are governed by the body corporate and community management act. This act provides a dispute resolution procedure, which aims to resolve dispute through mediation or adjudication.

FC Lawyers property and conveyancing team have all the necessary skills to ensure that your needs are met and your interests are protected.

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