Exploring the diverse venues in Queensland’s Gaming, Hospitality, and Licensed venue sector

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  • Exploring the diverse venues in Queensland’s Gaming, Hospitality, and Licensed venue sector
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Queensland is renowned for its vibrant entertainment scene, encompassing a wide array of venues catering to gaming, hospitality, and licensed establishments. From bustling casinos to cosy pubs and everything in between, this sector offers a diverse range of experiences for locals and tourists alike.

Various venues fall under the umbrella of the gaming, hospitality, and licensed venue sector in Queensland. All these venues operate under strict regulations set by the Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR). These regulations ensure responsible service of alcohol, promote responsible gambling practices, and maintain the safety and integrity of these establishments.


Among the most prominent venues are casinos, such as The Star Gold Coast and Treasury Casino Brisbane, but in most areas of the state, you will find a location with some form of pokies.

Gambling has historically been a part of the Australian culture. According to the Queensland Review of Gaming and the Commonwealth Productivity Commission Inquiry, while gambling has become an accepted part of the leisure and entertainment industry, it has caused negative impacts on many individuals within the community. As such, Queensland has enacted additional regulations and restrictions on casinos to help mitigate responsible gambling strategies.

It is important for any organisation who conducts gambling to understand what rules and reporting may be required by them.

Pubs and Taverns

Queensland boasts numerous pubs and taverns spread across cities, suburbs, and rural areas. These venues are hubs for social gatherings, serving a mix of alcoholic beverages, pub meals, live music, and sports entertainment. They play a crucial role in the local community, offering a relaxed setting for friends and families to unwind.

The Liquor Act 1992 provides additional guidance for businesses to ensure they are meeting legal requirements when serving liquor. OLGR provides additional resources for entities to help understand their responsibilities and requirements surrounding the sale or service of alcohol.

Clubs and RSLs (Returned and Services League)

Clubs and RSLs are prevalent in Queensland, providing a range of services beyond gaming and hospitality. These venues often host live performances, offer dining options, and have gaming facilities. RSLs, in particular, honour the contributions of military personnel and provide support to veterans and their families. Surf Clubs also provide a key role in Queensland dotting our beautiful beaches.

In addition to the Acts already listed above, regulations regarding clubs and even internal constitutions and internal rules help govern the rules these organisations must abide by.

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and resorts in Queensland frequently incorporate gaming lounges or TAB facilities within their premises. These establishments cater to tourists and locals, providing accommodation, dining, entertainment, and often access to various gaming options.

Sports and Entertainment Venues

Some larger venues, like stadiums and entertainment complexes, also fall within this sector. They host sporting events, concerts, exhibitions, and other entertainment activities, often including bars, restaurants, and gaming facilities for patrons to enjoy during events.

Gaming Lounges and Arcades

Independent gaming lounges and arcades are becoming increasingly popular, offering a nostalgic gaming experience with classic arcade machines, console gaming setups, and sometimes even VR (Virtual Reality) gaming options.

Restaurants with Gaming Facilities

Certain restaurants integrate gaming facilities, such as poker machines or interactive gaming zones, to complement their dining experience. These venues cater to those seeking a combination of good food and entertainment.

All these venues contribute significantly to the economy by generating employment opportunities and attracting tourists, thereby supporting Queensland’s tourism industry. However, proprietors and business owners must understand the complex array of rules and regulations that sit over the gaming, hospitality, and licensed venue sector.

If you are considering purchasing a business, starting a new business, or buying into a venture in this industry, you must ensure you are fully aware of all the legal and reporting requirements needed for your business to avoid penalties, including fines or gaol time. If you need further legal advice about this unique sector, contact our team today.

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