Welcome to FC Lawyers QASSP page. QASSP has partnered with FC Lawyers to provide QASSP members with legal services, tailored to meet the needs of school leaders. The service is known as Legal Services QASSP (“LSQ”).

The LSQ service will be available to all members of QASSP and its Affiliated Associations who become members of LSQ by paying an annual fee of $399 (inclusive of GST) to QASSP, which entitles LSQ members to the following, amongst other things:

  • To speak with a solicitor at FC Lawyers at any time free of charge;
  • To arrange a free initial consultation, irrespective of how long this consultation may take; and
  • Unlimited initial consultations within a calendar year, provided that each initial consultation is in relation to a different matter.

Please ensure that you have read the two documents below which detail how FC Lawyers can assist you with your legal needs:

Legal Services for QASSP Members (download here)

LSQ v QTU Comparison (download here)

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