Selling Residential Property

FC Lawyers understand the importance of selling your residential property with no issues or hiccups. Our team of property lawyers and conveyancing specialists will guide you through the sale process and ensure your property transaction is as smooth as possible. We can assist you with all aspects of the selling process to ensure that you understand every step along the way.

Are you interested in selling your residential property?  

Wherever you’re selling in Queensland, our team can help you enjoy peace of mind with your property sale.

If you’re wanting to sell your residential property without a real estate agent, our team will work with you directly to prepare for the sale and ensure everything is hassle free.

What will FC Lawyers do as your conveyancers when selling your residential property?

The conveyancing process of selling your home can be time consuming and stressful. This can lead to a variety of errors, issues and mistakes that can have a significant impact of your life. Our team of conveyancing specialists will be able to run you through the whole process, ensuring it is a smooth and easy transaction for you when selling your residential property.

What our team of conveyancers will do for you include:

  • review your contract of sale and advise on any issues including conditions such as finance, building and pest etc
  • add in any inclusions of fixtures, fittings, and any special conditions you’d want in the sale of your property
  • discuss your obligations to current tenants of your property (if there are any)
  • Monitor all relevant dates of the contract
  • Liaise with the Buyers solicitor for any extensions/conditions that may be added or asked for
  • Liaise with financier in arranging settlement (if required)
  • Assist with ATO Clearance Certificate (if required)
  • calculate all the final settlement figures and arrange for settlement between all parties
  • settle the sale of your residential property. This can be arranged online via PEXA if the other side (purchaser’s solicitors) can do so.
  • Provide you with all documentation from the property settlement including searches, settlement statements and any other documents you may require.

What are the next steps?

Once we have settled the sale of your property, our team of lawyers can assist you with updating your estate planning and any other legal services you may require. We will ensure you have peace of mind after the sale and answer any further questions you may have about conveyancing and our team is readily available to assist.

Contact our team of property and conveyancing specialists today to discuss the sale of your residential property.