Protecting your Inheritance

Our experienced team of lawyers will ensure that as a beneficiary you are protected and do everything to ensure your benefit from a deceased Estate is preserved and/or maximised in the event of someone challenging a Will.

If you are the beneficiary of a Will that is being challenged there is a real risk that you may lose your inheritance, or receive less than you rightfully should. Protecting your inheritance should be a high priority for most to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Unfortunately challenging a Will is not unusual and becoming more commonplace. Whilst you cannot stop a person making a claim it is important that you understand your rights in the event that a claim is made.

Often your legal fees will be paid by the Estate. However, this will depend on your circumstances and the circumstances of each individual case.

Our expert team will guide you through this process so that if a contested Will goes to Court all of your rights are protected.

Contact our team today to discuss protecting your inheritance and defending any Estate challenges or disputes that may arise.