Employer obligations to employees in the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

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Employers all over the country are struggling with how to look after and manage their workforce and employees. There is no doubt we are in unprecedented times not just here in Australia but across the globe.

Employers and businesses are facing significant workplace health and safety, logistic, supply chain and financial issues and pressures.

An employer at law has employer obligations to protect their employees’ health and wellbeing.

It is important that you understand your legal and statutory obligations including:

  • Explaining and attending to workplace hygiene
  • Having a plan in place to identify and control risks to employees
  • Providing the latest up to date information in relation to the risk
  • Controlling visitors, clients and customers to premises under your control
  • Policies to work from home or in isolation

In the current climate it is an opportune time for businesses to review and understand their obligations and legal requirements relating to:

  • Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Leave
  • Redundancies
  • Travel policies

In the worst-case scenario of a workplace being shut down either voluntarily or as a result of government action, it is imperative that you have well thought out and clearly articulated contingency plans in place for your employees.

Internal and external communication is incredibly important when dealing with this pandemic which has no boundaries. For up to date information on the coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit the Australian Government Department of Health website here.

At FC Lawyers, we have assisted many of our clients both large and small to understand and implement policies to protect their personal and business interests.

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