Cross River Rail – Resumption of land and properties. What am I legally entitled to claim in compensation?

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The Cross River Rail is one of the largest infrastructure projects to be undertaken in South East Queensland.

The Project team have stated, “It is a critical public transport infrastructure project which will improve quality of life, help our economy keep growing, generate thousands of jobs, and activate urban development across the whole region.”

As part of the project, the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority (CRRDA) can compulsory acquire (resume) land and properties required for the project to proceed.

It is believed that the government will gazette the ‘Taking of Land Notice’ in late November or December 2019. At that time CRRDA will assign an officer to each potential property affected and obtain and an independent property valuation.

The Cross River Rail Framework

The CRRDA have indicated the following general framework for the process will be undertaken:

  • initial contact advising of project impacts
  • supply of Notice of Intention to resume and background information objection procedure
  • application to the Minister to take the land Taking of Land Notice published in the Queensland Government Gazette
  • assessment of land value by independent property valuers
  • compensation claim/offer
  • compensation negotiations
  • advance payment (if requested)
  • settlement
  • title correction.

Some of the questions we have helped our clients with are:

  1. Can I object?
  2. How is my objection dealt with?
  3. How is the land acquired?
  4. What is the process if I agree with the resumption?
  5. What compensation can I claim?
  6. How is compensation assessed?
  7. When is the compensation paid?
  8. What consultants should I engage to assist me?
  9. Can I get an advance payment to assist me whilst negotiating?

Cross River Rail – Claim for Compensation

It is important when you are dealing with CRRDA you get the right advice and engage the right consultants to maximise your claim for compensation. These costs are generally all paid for by the authority so you will not be left out of pocket.

We have significant experience in the area of compulsory acquisition of land and resumption claims. We will ensure your costs are covered. Call us or contact us for a no obligation consultation today.