Projects and Property Development

It is very important to have a team of lawyers with expertise in this area to advise you and ensure that your property investment is protected. We provide extensive legal advice on a wide range of property development issues throughout any stage of any development.

Queensland is fast becoming one of the most sought-after development areas for property developers in residential and commercial property. Property development is often a complex process involving properties including residential, commercial or industrial properties.

Our legal team has extensive experience in all legal aspects of property development, from conception all the way through completion and sale of the final product. With our dedicated team working alongside you, you will have peace of mind throughout all stages of your legal matter.

A high level of service and communication are key factors that we provide to our clients when dealing with property throughout Queensland, due to the often complexity of matters when adhering to local council’s and legislation.

When working with our team of dedicated and experienced property lawyers, our advice is clear, timely and generally fixed-fee to ensure your peace of mind.

Our Projects and Property Development services include:

  • land acquisitions
  • land subdivisions
  • townhouse and unit development, including high rise or hotel development
  • staged or layered developments
  • volumetric developments
  • commercial and mixed-use developments
  • off-the-plan contracts
  • put and call option agreements
  • drafting of special conditions
  • retirement village developments
  • establishment of body corporates/community titles schemes and use of high-density development easements
  • management rights, caretaking and letting agreements, body corporate electricity/infrastructure agreements and other service agreements
  • development funding
  • syndication, structuring and development/project management agreements
  • due diligence for site acquisitions
  • joint venture agreements
  • conveyancing for developments
  • compulsory acquisition

Our experienced property development team is always looking to form new business relationships with developers to assist with any current or future projects. Regardless of what stage your property development project is at, we can assist you or provide you with any assistance you may require.

Speak with our experienced projects and property legal team today to discuss your property needs. We have the expertise to ensure your property project is a success.