Leasing commercial or retail property in Queensland can be a complex legal maze. Our team has many years’ experience in examining and advising clients on all aspects of lease agreements and their leasing requirements.

We have acted on behalf of property developers, large landlords and tenants (both retail and commercial) in all aspects of leasing. We are experienced in advising clients and their consultants in structuring, negotiating and finalising lease agreements.

Often clients are unaware of their specific obligations in a lease document. The expert and timely advice provided by our Business Services team can assist clients and understanding completely their rights and obligations under a lease document and to protect their interests.

Our business and property team will help you with all aspects of leasing commercial property including:

  • drafting and reviewing retail and commercial leases;
  • negotiation for the terms of the lease (including rent, transfer options, duration, exit and renewal options)
  • rent reviews;
  • ensuring that the formal requirements of entering into and registering the lease are complied with;
  • subletting of the premises;
  • transfer of leases, surrender of leases and “make good” issues; and
  • advising you in relation to disputes concerning your leases.

Fixed Fee Retail and Commercial Leasing

Our dedicated business and property team understand the need to keep costs to a minimum when dealing with a leasing transaction. FC Lawyers offers fixed fees in most of our leasing transactions. Speak with our helpful team today to see how we can provide you with a fixed fee leasing transaction solution.

Contact our team today to discuss your legal requirements.