Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual property (IP) is the property of your own proprietary knowledge. It is a productive new idea that you create. These ideas generally relate to trade marks, designs, copyright, trade secrets, patents or the application of your idea. Applying for an IP right to protect your idea can be vital if you want to build your business or idea. Intellectual property is an extremely valuable asset of any business. It’s more important than ever to explore your options when it comes to intellectual property disputes.

What are intellectual property disputes?

Intellectual property disputes arise when someone exploits or breaches the use of someone’s IP. As IP continues to grow and develop in Australia, disputes may arise over intellectual property breaches or general disputes over various intellectual property.

The types of disputes vary from case to case and it’s not uncommon to see disputes arising daily from a wide range of sole traders, entrepreneurs, small to medium enterprises (SMEs), companies and overseas entities.

How do disputes impact my business?

Disputes over IP can have many impacts on your business. The most common impacts on your business are financial and reputational damage. Both can have short-term and long-term issues and need to be dealt with as soon as possible to ensure your business interests are protected. Obtaining legal advice is important with any dispute matters.

Our team have assisted many clients through the intellectual property dispute process and can help you with whatever stage you are up to.

We have advised our clients on issues including:

  • infringement of trademarks and designs
  • common law reputation disputes including trade practices and competition claims
  • copyright infringement disputes and appeals from trade mark office decisions
  • disputes regarding domain names and the protection of confidential information.

Our team will provide sound strategic advice in relation to all stages of a dispute, from protection and enforcement strategies, to initiating proceedings, negotiating settlements or taking a matter to a trial or an appeal.

What should the next steps be?

Intellectual property is one of a business’s most valuable assets and our team recognises the need to act quickly to protect it. Our team of experienced intellectual property lawyers can assist you make an intellectual property claim, or defend a claim bought against you. We have acted in large and complex intellectual property litigation around Australia providing analytical advice within tight time frames and often under difficult circumstances.

We have a proven track record of achieving excellent results for clients in intellectual property disputes. We have in-depth understanding of the Designs Act 2003Trade Marks Act 1995Copyright Act 1968, Circuit Layouts Act 1989 and Plant Breeder’s Rights Act 1994.

FC Lawyers will assist you with your matter and provide any legal options that will resolve the situation. Contract our team today to discuss your matter.