Franchising Dispute

Our team at FC Lawyers work with you to understand your business and develop long-term relationships. Whether you’re a franchisor or franchisee, our team of dedicated franchise lawyers will assist you through any franchising dispute or challenge you face. We provide timely and practical legal solutions to any franchising issues you are facing.

What is a franchising dispute?

A franchising dispute between a franchisor and franchisee can occur for a wide range of reasons, generally relating to the franchise agreement. Both the franchisor and franchisee need to be aware of the legal obligations contained within the franchise agreement and the penalties they face should they not comply.

Franchising agreements are generally complex legal documents. Complications and disputes can arise when one party (generally the franchisor or franchisee) believe the other party has breached the terms of the agreement.

Current legislation in Australia is covered by a Franchising Code of Conduct.

Our franchising services

Our team has over 25 years’ experience in franchising law. Our team have worked with both franchisors and franchisees to protect their personal and business interests.

Our franchising team can assist you with:

  • Drafting and reviewing a franchise agreement
  • Drafting and reviewing franchise disclosure documents
  • Advising you on any current franchise agreements you have signed or about to sign
  • Business structuring for your franchise
  • Ensuring compliance with the Franchising Code of Conduct
  • Intellectual property
  • Commercial and retail leasing
  • Compliance and regulatory issues
  • Advice on breach notices

What to do with your franchise dispute?

There are many reasons why you’re in dispute with your franchisor or franchisee. Disputes are generally lengthy and can bring upon stress and hardship to the business. There are many factors you need to be aware of especially surrounding the franchise agreement.

FC Lawyers can assist you with your franchise dispute regardless of what stage it’s up to. Our dedicated and experienced team are here to assist you and protect your business interests.

Contact our team today to discuss your franchising legal matters.