Building your team when investing in property

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Recently, Tom Wood from FC Lawyers, Terry Ryder from and Danny Buxton from Triple Zero Property discussed the important of building your team when looking to invest in property.

Throughout the discussion, Tom, Terry and Danny highlighted many key issues and points that many property investors forget, don’t think of or more importantly, overlook.

See below for an overview of Tom, Terry and Danny.

Tom Wood Sunshine Coast Property Lawyer Queensland Conveyancing Brisbane

Tom Wood – Associate Director at FC Lawyers

Tom Wood is an Associate Director at FC Lawyers within the business and commercial property team with extensive experience in a broad range of areas. He is recognised for his strategic advice and attention to detail when analysing issues. Tom has a loyal and impressive client base many of whom he has acted for over 20 years.

Terry Ryder Hotspotting Queensland

Terry Ryder – Founder & Managing Director at

Terry Ryder has been a specialist researcher/writer on residential property for over 35 years and has published four books. In 2006 he created, to help investors find the best places to buy. He is regularly interviewed by television, radio and print media on real estate issues, and is widely sought as a public speaker.

Danny Buxton Triple Zero Property Investment Property Queensland

Danny Buxton – Managing Director at Triple Zero Property

Over the years Danny has worked as an investment property management consultant and client manager for a large investment corporation winning numerous awards in recognition of achievements. He has also partnered in a fast-growing investment and property services company before founding Triple Zero Property.

Together, Tom, Terry and Danny highlight many issues and answer questions below:

Why should someone get legal advice before signing a property contract?

Why is it worth investing in good advice before investing in property?

Common mistakes when buying an investment property

What should I ask my solicitor when buying a property?

What are some of the risks in buying property?

Can I terminate a property contract?

Property Developer Clauses in contracts

What is the difference between registered and unregistered land?

Different states and property – why are they different?

Can a Solicitor represent a purchaser from another state or territory?

Why are there so many property searches on my contract?

Why do I have to pay stamp duty on a property?

Avoiding stamp duty on a property

Building a duplex or small development – What you need to know

Is it a good idea to buy property with your family or friends?

What happens when to your property when the relationship ends?

Setting up the correct structure when buying an investment property

Why should you set-up a will when buying property?

Investment strategies for foreign investors and temporary residents

If you would like any more information on the above videos or their content, please don’t hesitate to contact our team to discuss your legal needs if you’re looking at investing in property.