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Personal Will Instructions

Do you have a will? Have your circumstances changed since your last will? Do you own property or have children? If you don’t have a will, after your death a court will decide how your assets are distributed, and the cost to your estate will be considerable. Take responsibility for your assets after your death, and ensure your family and dependants are looked after! It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind!

Your Will

Submit your circumstances to Ferguson Cannon Lawyers and we will contact you personally within two (2) business days to discuss the cost of your will and to confirm instructions. We will be happy to act on your behalf after your instructions have been confirmed.


At risk of relationship breakdown? At risk of bankruptcy? Vulnerable due to disabilities, illnesses, spendthrift etc? In need of asset protection?

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After submitting your details, Ferguson Cannon Lawyers will contact you personally within two (2) business days to confirm your instructions and confirm the cost of your will before we proceed.