Reputation and Crisis Management

In a world where news and gossip can go viral within seconds, it is vital to have skilled advisers on hand to protect your reputation, welfare and livelihood. Reputation and crisis management is something you may wish to consider when your personal or business matters are being publicy discussed.

The breadth of our expertise means that FC Lawyers can instantly marshal a bespoke interdisciplinary legal team so you can instruct one firm quickly and cost-effectively to navigate the issues. Whether it’s a large data breach, a regulatory investigation, a corruption scandal or a major health and safety incident, no crisis manual or flow diagram will provide you with all the answers.

We can handle corporate crises across a range of practice areas and sectors.

If the crisis starts with a criminal accusation, we can negotiate early with the police to prevent an arrest, thus avoiding the humiliation of detention, fingerprints and photographs being taken.

If charged, we liaise closely with PR agents to ensure the right message is publicised for the individual or any company associated with our client. We rely on our skill and experience to ensure the best prospects for an acquittal (the best way to protect a reputation) through top class case preparation, pro-active defending and instructing the most able counsel and experts. Perhaps most importantly from a client’s perspective, we have all this expertise in one firm.

Our areas of reputation and crisis management include:

  • Defamation
  • Acting for high profile/public figures in matters of blackmail/extortion, stings, injunctions
  • Privacy and Data protection
  • Protecting clients who have had deeply private, often explicit information about them published by news organisations, the internet and/or via social media
  • Image control including online image clean-up and the permanent removal of damaging/private photographs that have been published online without consent
  • Representing professional people including police officers and politicians in relation to reputation management issues
  • Corporate reputation management for large public and private organisations
  • Harassment including internet trolls and social media

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