Money Laundering and AML Compliance

Australia’s anti-money laundering regime is amongst the most stringent in the world. Tackling the laundering of criminal proceeds has been a key priority for successive governments over many years and every indication suggests that it will continue to be so. This can have regulatory and criminal law consequences.

FC Lawyers represents both individuals and organisations in a wide range of money laundering related matters. Anti-money laundering legislation is an integral part of modern life in business. Getting it wrong can involve criminal sanctions as well as reputational damage.

Penalties are severe for money laundering and it is important to have the right advice from a firm that has a track record of practical experience in this field. The timing of decisions is crucial and can be the difference between being a witness or a victim in a matter or becoming suspected or prosecuted for money laundering offences.

The stigma of being involved in an investigation can adversely affect your reputation or that of the business, not least because the potential for media interest in cases is increasing. In addition to dealing with the legal aspects of the case, we can also help you manage your reputation in the media.

You might think that money laundering offences can only be committed by those knowingly engaged in acquisitive crime, such as fraud. In fact, both individuals and businesses can find themselves unwittingly involved in the acquisition or transfer of money or assets which either are or could be the proceeds of crime.

Anti-money laundering legislation is extensive and complex and reaches into many areas of business and commercial life. It is critical that businesses and individuals ensure that they are aware of the legislation and keep up to date with developments. 

Our areas of work include:

  • AML compliance audit.
  • Representation in regulatory or criminal proceedings.
  • Internal investigations to advise whether breach may have occurred and advise on remediation.
  • Proceeds of Crime prosecutions.

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