Criminal Defence

There are good and bad days, and sometimes life can take an unexpected turn. One moment we are living as normally as millions of other people and the next moment, we find ourselves caught in the midst of a law entanglement.

Below our team goes through some criminal defence for offences and offenders.

Criminal Defence – Offences and Offenders

There are various offences — with varying degrees of seriousness and gravity — that are committed daily, and more people are becoming wary of being victimized by their various forms.

Assault and Violent Offences

Assault can happen in two ways. One is intentionally done by a person against another without the other’s consent. The other is when a person threatens or attempts to apply force to harm another person and makes that person believe that the assault will be carried out as threatened.

Moreover, assaults can be of different types, namely aggravated assault or assault that causes bodily harm and assault with weapon, all of which may be punishable by prison terms.
Your defence can reduce the penalty or move your case to an acquittal, as long as you and your lawyer can prove beyond doubt that you acted to defend and protect yourself from another person and that there was no other option to avoid being assaulted.

Fraud and Dishonesty

There are many different types of fraud being committed, the most common of which are against Commonwealth benefit programs and the tax system. A fraudulent act to gain financial advantage through deceptive means may be punishable by a prison term of ten years whilst general dishonesty or fraud to obtain a gain or cause a loss may be punished with a five-year prison term.

Drug Offences

As in any other country, Australia is very strict in enforcing its law against the use, possession, cultivation, and trafficking of prohibited drugs and substances. If found in your purse, pockets and anywhere in your car or house, it will be considered possession unless proven otherwise. If you are involved in a drug-related offence, your possible defences are: non-possession; a claim that the drug presented as evidence of the charge was different from the drug found during apprehension; or proof that the evidence was planted.

Commonwealth Offences

Commonwealth offences may include cyber crimes or offences that are committed with the use of digital or Internet technology, such as computer hacking, distribution of child pornography, and harassment through the use of telecommunications devices and the Internet. Other common offences are the importation of prohibited items like guns and drugs, as well as tax and social security fraud.

Whatever legal issue you may be involved with, you are entitled to defend yourself and avoid prosecution and punishment, if possible. Likewise, if you are the aggrieved party, there are legal solutions to compensate for the offence committed against you.

If you find yourself involved in any of the above offences, you may need legal advice from the experts. In that case, contact us as soon as possible as strict time limits apply. We will provide you with the legal service that will help you get through this difficult situation and provide you with a criminal defence, where possible.