Business Wills

Business Wills are one of the most crucial documents that can protect your business now and in the future.

What are Business Wills?

A Business Will is an agreement that usually takes the form of a buy and sell option. It ensures the smooth transition of the ownership of a business on the event of a death, total and personal disablement, or trauma of an owner.

Funding for a buy out in a Business Will is critical and is commonly achieved by appropriately held insurance policies. It is very important to ensure that expert advice is sought when taking out the policies, so that Capital Gains Tax is not triggered unnecessarily.

Advantages of Business Wills

A correctly structured Business Will, will have the following attributes:

  • It can specify responsibilities, obligations, capital requirements, funding and management
  • It will contain compulsory buy/sell provisions
  • It avoids uncertainty for business & family as the process is structured and seamless
  • It can contain restraint obligations, confidentiality etc
  • It allows for a smooth transition of ownership
  • Funding by life insurance relieves pressure on the business and continuing owners
  • It deals with the event of a shortfall in funding
  • It has an agreed formula to value the business on a trigger event
  • It contains dispute resolution provisions

The above list isn’t exhaustive, and every business has its own unique attributes. It’s important to understand that not one document can cover everything so it’s vital to discuss your options with our experienced wills and estates team.

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