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Rees O’Brien is a lawyer practising with the Litigation team at FC Lawyers.

Rees O’Brien began his career in the legal profession as a clerk in 2015. He graduated with a Bachelor of Laws at the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2018 and was admitted as a Lawyer that year. Since admission, Rees O’Brien has practised in a range of areas of the law but has specialised in Family Law.

Rees regularly appears in the Magistrates Courts, Federal Circuit Court and Family Court of Australia. Rees has a wide range of experience representing clients both at mediation and court in relation to parenting, property, domestic violence and divorce related matters. Rees most enjoys assisting clients embroiled in parenting disputes and has particular expertise with respect to contravention, relocation and recovery applications. Rees fights for his clients to deliver an outcome that makes a positive difference to their lives and to their children’s lives.

Rees recognises the impact that drawn out litigation has on children and families and so Rees advocates for out of court settlement options in most instances and will recommend court only as an option of last resort. Rees does everything in his power to deliver an outcome to his clients quickly and cost effectively with the least possible emotional cost.

When not fighting for his clients Rees is primarily a family man. He enjoys spending time outdoors with his young family.