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On Monday 13th June 2022, we had Hayley join our Sunshine Coast office to complete her work experience program through her local school. Throughout the week of work experience, Hayley worked alongside our different teams and got to experience what it is like to work within a law firm on a day-to-day basis.

Read what Hayley had to say on her week with FC Lawyers below:

What is your name?


What year are you at school?

Year 10

What prompted you to choose work experience within the legal industry?

I am interested in law and thought I should work here for work experience to see if it is something I would like to do for a career.

What did you do during your work experience at FC Lawyers?

I had experience with reception duties, conveyancing, accounting, wills and estates, marketing and immigration law.

What did you find most exciting about your time at FC Lawyers?

Learning immigration and convayncing was the highlight. It was also great to get to know everyone and chat within the teams.

What were the best things about your work experience time at FC Lawyers?

  • Meeting the people in all the teams.
  • Learning about the various events and charities that the office sponsors and hosts.
  • Found all the different fields of law interesting and fun to do.

What were the most surprising thing/s during your work experience?

That FC Lawyers had their own kitchen.

What have you found to be your strengths and what areas do you believe you need to develop further based on your work experience?

  • I believe to develop further I need to continuously learn more about the different areas of law and what suits me the best going forward.
  • My strengths were picking up the different processes and being a good listener.

Based on your experience today, what will you do from now on?

I will still continue on with legal studies since I really enjoyed the work at FC Lawyers.

Is there anything else you’d like for us to know?

I really enjoyed my time here. During my time at FC Lawyers, everyone was really welcoming. Thank you for the time I spent here.