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Our team has had a busy start to the year, even with the lockdown of COVID-19.

The FC Lawyers lifeblood team looks to improve on the numbers from 2020 and has recruited a few new members from our Brisbane and Sunshine Coast offices.

The latest members, Glenn Ferguson and Rachelle Pyke, joined the FC Lawyers lifeblood team and through their donations, saved 6 lives. They both plan to donate every 3 months as they provide whole blood and save another three lives with every donation.

See the photos of Glenn and Rachelle in action:

Rachelle Pyke donating blood for the first time.
Glenn Ferguson donating blood for the first time – post-donation.

Big shout out to Rachelle who put aside her fear of needles to sign up and donate blood. It’s always good to see new faces help save lives whenever they can.

In addition to Glenn and Rachelle, Kathy Bliss and Ash Platz continued on with their donations and provided another donation to the tally of the team.

Kathy Bliss hitting her 50th blood donation. (Note: It’s plasma she is donating!)
Ash Platz donating for the fifth time.

Our team would like to encourage everyone to donation blood whenever they can (and if they can). If you’re looking to join a team for lifeblood, please feel free to let the Australian Red Cross staff know that you would like to join the FC Lawyers team. You can find out more information on donating blood and lifeblood team here.