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12 March 2018

GST Withholding on Residential Property Development

In the 2017 budget, the Federal government announced a new GST withholding regime to be applied to all residential developments. Draft legislation was released late 2017 providing a glimpse into some significant changes for developers (in particular) and buyers alike. GST on residential property sales – the current situation Sales of new residential properties (i.e. […]

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24 January 2017

Call Options, Put Options – What are Option Agreements?

Option Agreements, also referred to as buy/sell agreements or put and call option agreements, provide a party with the right, but not a definite obligation to buy a property or asset. They have a wide variety of uses, including for real property, businesses or business assets and as tools for succession planning. This article focuses […]

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8 December 2015

Getting into Property Development – The decisions you need to make before taking action

Where do you start with property development? Many people outside the property industry would like to get ahead by successfully developing property, but don’t know where to start. With proper planning and the right property, taking the step into property development can be rewarding in the long term, as well as leveraging your equity in […]

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17 October 2013

Foreign Investment In Australia – What is Australian Urban Land?

I recently advised an international client in relation to the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975 (Cth) (‘the Act’). The Act contains a complex list of scenarios which require approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board. These provisions are often inadvertently overlooked by international investors when considering investing in an Australian company or purchasing Australian […]

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