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26 November 2015

Australia to catch up on Crowdsourced Funding

Australia has one of the highest rates of new entrepreneurial businesses in the world, however unlike the UK, Canada, US and New Zealand, it does not have laws in place that easily allows these new companies to raise equity through direct ‘crowd’ funding. What are Australian companies barriers for Crowdsourced Funding? Currently, Australian companies are […]

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4 December 2014

Capital raisings via Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

This year has seen a re-emergence of interest in IPOs. With $16.8 billion raised from IPOs this year from over 90 floats (up from $10.8 billion raised last year), IPOs are again becoming an attractive way to raise capital. Just recently, Medibank Private raised $5.7 billion from its float and other companies are likely to […]

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