Workplace, Health & Safety (WHS)

The team at FC Lawyers has extensive experience in advising and representing clients. We also work closely with consultants to ensure that our clients have appropriate systems in place to minimise the risk of injury.

The law in relation to Workplace, Health & Safety imposes significant obligations on parties, breaches of which can include gaol sentences and large fines.

It implicates not only businesses and companies, but also individual directors, partners, managers, receivers, liquidators and those who have the capacity to influence an organisations financial standing.

It is important that business owners are aware of their duties under the Workplace, Health and Safety laws.

Complying with these laws is an important part of any businesses’ asset protection strategy and needs to be considered professionally. Our team has developed a unique Legal Business Health Check that our clients often use to assist them in identifying areas within their business that could be of concern.

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