Refused Visas, Cancellations & Appeals

The FC Lawyers migration team has dealt with many complex visa issues throughout the years.

These issues include both Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation (NOICC) or refusal of visas. If you have already been refused, we can assist you through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) process. 

Our team will review each individual situation to find the most efficient solution in order for your visa/AAT submissions to be accepted.

Our experienced immigration lawyers and registered migration agents have helped clients through the Migration Review Tribunal, Administative Appeals Tribunal and in some cases, even applied for a Ministerial Intervention to assist. 

What are the next steps for refused visas, cancelled visas and appealing a visa decision?

Contact our team today to discuss your migration options should you have any refused visas, cancelled visas or are wanting to appeal a visa decision.