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Management Rights

The purchase of Management Rights is a significant investment as it involves not only purchasing a business but often also a home to live in.

The business owner enters into contractual agreement with the Body Corporate of a community building or complex to provide certain caretaking/management services in return for a salary and to provide on-site letting services for owners wishing to lease their properties.

The purchase and sale of Management Rights in Queensland can often be a complex area of the law, requiring compliance with a range of legislation.

Our team has acted for clients who have bought and sold Management Rights throughout the state and interstate as well. We have also been involved in numerous property developments drafting the initial management rights as part of a unit development, including very large accommodation providers. 

Often other areas such as liquor licensing, leasing, the sale of real property and employment law have to be considered in the transaction.

We are focused on making the process as smooth as possible and will provide a fixed fee quote.

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