Author: Jozefina Ndoci

28 July 2016

Due Diligence – making sure that you are happy!

A due diligence clause is a not-so-common clause that buyer’s sometimes request to be put in a contract. They come in many and varied forms. However, they are not well understood and can often make sellers or agent nervous. So what does it mean? What is a due diligence clause? As a general rule, due […]

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26 July 2016

Building and Pest Conditions – what do I need to look out for?

A building and pest special condition is a very common condition in contracts for a house, unit or commercial property. Particularly if the property or unit is not brand new. Buyer’s invariably like to check that the building is structurally sound and has no hidden, and potentially costly, issues. But what happens if the buyer is […]

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24 June 2016

Contracts by email – when do pre-contract negotiations become a binding deal?

I am often asked about property contracts which are entered into by email. Are they valid? Must they be followed with a “real” paper contract? Are my emails going to bind me into anything I am not sure of? Negotiating a contract – when does it become binding? Often, buyers, sellers and agents spend a […]

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10 June 2016

What Buyers and Sellers need to know about terminating in the Cooling-Off Period

Under residential land and house or unit contracts, buyers are entitled to a cooling-off period under the Property Occupations Act 2014. The right to terminate under cooling-off is not new, but is also not well understood. Many buyers think that they will be automatically stung with the termination penalty if they “cool off”. In fact, […]

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