Author: Chloe Kopilovic

2 September 2013

10 Considerations for your Not for Profit Organisation

It is with interest that I read a recent publication by the Australian Institute of Directors titled, Good Governance Principles and Guidance for Not for Profit Organisations (“the AICD NFP Guide”). The not for profit (‘NFP’) sector is currently the subject of substantial reform. With the recent inception of the Australian Charities and Not for […]

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26 November 2012

Why every business owner should have a Business Will

A Business Will, or a Buy-Sell Agreement, is something that I strongly encourage all my clients who are business owners to have. A properly drafted Business Will, will allow for the smooth transition of a business partner unexpectedly departing the business (for various reasons such as total and permanent disability or death of an owner) […]

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20 March 2012

Business Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning can be a difficult and long process, however the rewards of a properly documented Succession Plan far outweigh the time and effort spent in preparing the plan. Too often have I seen clients attend my office after an event such as death or retirement where a business is suffering. Often problems could […]

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30 January 2012

Asset Protection and Discretionary Trusts (Part Two)

In a recent blog I discussed some general comments about Discretionary Trusts and Asset Protection. In this blog I will speak more specifically about the limitations of Trusts in Asset Protection. Limitations on Asset Protection of Discretionary Trusts It is very important to understand some limitations that a trust has for asset protection strategies: Family […]

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25 January 2012

Asset Protection and Discretionary Trusts (Part One)

I was recently requested by KMPG on the Sunshine Coast to address their accountants in relation to my thoughts on trusts and asset protection. This is a very good topic and it highlights the importance of giving detailed consideration, and obtaining appropriate advice, before a business or asset ownership structure is established. In this blog I […]

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17 November 2011

Capital Gains Tax and Life Insurance Policies in Business Wills

I was recently asked to give a presentation for Business and Estate Planning Specialists. This company specialises in selling risk insurance for businesses and individuals. They had asked that I explain to their team the taxation implications for various forms of life insurance policies. One issue that was discussed is why it is so important to […]

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19 September 2011

Key Personal Capital Insurance and Capital Gains Tax

I recently was invited to speak at the Business and Estate Planning Specialists annual conference in Cairns. One issue raised, was whether there was any way to limit exposure to Capital Gains Tax for the reduction of debt in a business, from the payment of Key Person Capital, or Debt Reduction, Insurance. This is a very […]

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19 September 2011

What is a Business Will? Here is the answer!

I recently met with a client and their Accountant to discuss some business succession issues. One of the questions I asked was what happens to the business if one of the owners dies. This led to other questions like: Does the deceased spouse go into partnership with the other owners? How is the deceased paid […]

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7 August 2011

Business Wills – Failing to Execute

I recently spoke with a colleague who relayed a tale of woe about a business owner he knew who passed away recently. About 5 years ago the deceased (Partner A) and his business partners (Partners B and C) decided it would be a good idea to get some life insurance to fund a buy out […]

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2 August 2011

Asset Protection for your Business

I was recently invited to sit on Your Business Panel. The panel was put together with the objective of assisting business owners by providing expert advice from different professions, in a unique question and answer session. One question asked during the panel’s session highlighted to me the importance of asset protection in the structure of […]

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