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Wills & Estates

Wills & Estates

Wills & Estates

The FC Lawyers Wills and Estates team understand the hardship of losing a loved one can have on the family and the stress that usually follows. Our team of experienced Wills and Estates Lawyers provide practical and expert knowledge for our clients on a wide range of Wills and Estates services. From creating a Will to contesting a Will, the FC Lawyers Wills and Estates team provides clients with a peace of mind that their wishes are being well looked after. Speak with our Wills and Estates team today to ensure your wishes are carried out. 


Estate Litigation

Estate Litigation is a very complex process that has a lot of factors involved. FC Lawyers Wills and Estates team assess your current situation and offer valid advice on Estate Litigation matters to clients. If you require any legal assistance in regards to Estate Litigation, ensure that you speak with the team today as strict time limits apply for contesting a Will and Estate Litigation claims. 


The Wills and Estates team at FC Lawyers will guide you through preparation, advertising and lodgement of all the necessary documents needed to obtain Probate. Our team is focused on delivering clients results and ensure that our Wills and Estates team provide precise guidance and knowledge regarding Probate. 


Many people throughout Australia end up passing away without a valid Will, which does not outline what their wishes for their estate are once they have deceased. The FC Lawyers team provide advice on what your next legal move should be. Our team has a wide range of experience in administering an estate and will provide you with clear and informed advice on your matter. 

Superannuation Claims

FC Lawyers work together with partners or family members to claim lost superannuation funds which to most people, did not know they could claim for. Our Wills and Estates team will provide you with practical advice to ensure that your claim for superannuation is a success. 

Estate Planning and Will preparation

Creating a valid Will is a task which everyone should undertake and if the document isn't prepare properly, drastic problems could arise. Our Wills and Estates team at FC Lawyers provides a peace of mind when it comes to Estate Planning and preparing your Will. Our team works closely with clients to ensure their estate and wishes are carried out. 

Asset Protection

FC Lawyers ensures that our clients business and personal assets are significantly reduced from the claim of creditors. The FC Lawyers team offers more than just an initial review as we provide on-going support and advice to all of our clients. Ensuring that our clients are protected is non-negotiable in today's world. 

Enduring Power of Attorney

Creating an Enduring Power of Attorney document can be a complex process and it is highly recommended that you speak with FC Lawyers Wills and Estates team to ensure that your Enduring Power of Attorney is tailored to your circumstances. An Enduring Power of Attorney is an important financial decision for everyone as it allows another person to make personal and financial decisions on your behalf, which is why that it is important that you speak with our team today. 

Advance Health Directives

As our health is unpredictable, it is important that you have created an Advance Health Directive to ensure that your decisions in the future are not affected. An Advance Health Directive is an important document that can communicate your wishes should you be unable to make decisions about your health treatment in the future. Our Wills and Estates team at FC Lawyers can provide helpful advice for clients wanting to ensure their wishes are carried out. 

Administration of Deceased Estates

Administering the estate of the loved one that has passed away can be an emotional process for many people. Our Wills and Estates team are experienced in all aspects of Estate Administration and guarantee that loved one's final wishes are carried out. FC Lawyers provide advice, guidance and services in administering an estate regardless of the size of the estate. 

Executors Responsibilities

Our team of experienced Wills and Estates lawyers ensure that as an Executor, you carry out your responsibilities efficiently and do so within the law. We have helped many people conduct their responsibilities as an Executor and it's important you obtain legal advice from FC Lawyers today. 

Wills & Estates Team Members

Chloe Kopilovic

Chloe Kopilovic

Senior Associate

Chloe Kopilovic is a Senior Associate lawyer leading the wills and estates team and practicing in estate planning, estate administration and estate litigation.Chloe moved from Western Australia to Queensland in...

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