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Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Ferguson Cannon Lawyers have an experienced Bankruptcy and Insolvency team which acts on behalf of individuals and businesses throughout Australia. Our approach is to provide practical, cost-effective and timely advice for clients. We seek to find and provide the best solutions for our clients. Our team always ensures that our clients’ needs are being exceeded and that we secure the ideal outcome for our clients. 



The Bankruptcy and Insolvency team at Ferguson Cannon Lawyers have pursued many people for failing to pay their bills or for money they owe. Having a person made bankrupt is a very complex process which requires most individuals to seek legal advice. Our committed team can ensure that your best interests are being looked after and with our innovative and cost-effective debt recovery systems, we can provide you with the platform to recover your money. 


Ferguson Cannon Lawyers have dealt with many companies that have become insolvent over many years. Our experienced team have been involved with court liquidation and ensured the best outcome for all creditors.  Our proven track record ensures that clients receive only practical and honest advice, which is in line with our best practice. 

Receivership and Voluntary Administration

Our experienced Bankruptcy and Insolvency team have up to date industry knowledge and have given practical advice to administrators and receivers on best practice to perform their duties. We are involved with many large and complex receiverships and administrators throughout Australia providing our legal insight and expert knowledge. Our teams focus is to achieve the best result possible for our client and ensure that our advice is given in a timely manner. 

Asset Protection

Asset Protection is an integral part of an individual, business or company’s financial strategy. Our team understand the importance of Asset Protection which is why we understand that for it to be successful; it must protect or significantly reduce a clients risk by insulating their business and personal assets from the claims of creditors.  We listen to our clients issues and engage with them to understand their needs to ensure that our advice is practical and in line with the client’s wishes. 

Debt Collection and Management

Ferguson Cannon Lawyers has developed a secure web portal, which offers clients a cost-effective and automated solution that allows real time updates on debt collection matters.  No need to be frustrated ever again about not knowing what is happening. Our service includes all of the various aspects of debt collection such as: issuing claims in all court jurisdictions; recovering arrears; advising on processes to minimise arrears; letters of demand; handling bankruptcy actions against individuals; issuing enforcement proceedings to recover debts; issuing Creditors’ Statutory Demands for the payment of debts; and negotiating commercial resolutions to debt disputes.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency Team Members

Angelo Venardos

Angelo Venardos


Angelo Venardos is a Special Counsel at Ferguson Cannon Lawyers. He is a Solicitor of the High Court of Australia and the Supreme Court of Queensland.He holds both a Bachelor...

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